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About Me

Hello! My name is Lily Dokhanchi and I'm currently pursuing a double major in English and Creative Writing with a minor in Business at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. I am a freelance content writer and creator with experience in science communications, medical writing, and copyediting. I have also accumulated valuable experience in the management of social media accounts spanning across various industries such as children's book publishing, scientific research promotion, and my university English Department.

Growing up, I never stopped reading or writing. I was the kid hiding under my covers with my book light, hoping my parents wouldn't come into my room and tell me to go to sleep. Late-night reading turned into writing, which turned into goals. From my work experience and time spent volunteering in local elementary schools, I've recognized my passion for equality of education, storytelling, and the importance of learning from history to improve our society. I plan to implement accurate and effective communication in my future career in the legal field and fight for those who cannot tell their own stories.



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